About the Green Ninja

Goal: To educate young people about our changing climate and then give them the tools and inspiration to do something about it.

The Green Ninja is a superhero that inspires kids to take action on climate change. The adventures of the Green Ninja are told in a youth oriented and humorous way, but grounded in science and numbers. Related educational materials including games and contests are used to promote hands on learning experiences that help teachers bring climate science topics into their classrooms.

The Green Ninja Project is a collaborative San Jose State University (SJSU) effort joining students and faculty from the Departments of Meteorology and Climate Science, Geology, Animation and Illustration, Radio, TV and Film, Primary Education, Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Support for the Green Ninja originally came from the National Science Foundation, but now includes funding from NASA, The City of San Jose’s and the County of San Mateo. A successful Kickstarter campaign is supporting The Green Ninja Show.

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Meet our Team

Eugene Cordero Babak Sarrafan David Chai Barnaby Dallas Nick Martinez Jeff Gordon Ellen Metzger Marty Cooper Michael Fong Aden Scott Michelle Ikemoto Jeanie Chang Lina Prada-Báez Jay Patel Mercedes Rodriguez Joelle Murray Nilay Shah Rachana Shah